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Since I was saved at the age of 16 God has used me in the Ministry. We have always enjoyed serving the Lord through the Local Church. 

I started out working in Junior Church preaching and Teaching to 4th thru 6 graders. That was a challenge! From that point on God has continued to use me in many areas of ministry. 

I also was able to work in the bus ministry where I saw many young people saved and even some surrender to full time christian service. 


My family has been involved in three wonderful churches in our lives and have had the joy of serving in each one. 

Some of the ministries served:



-Church Plays- Organizing and Performing

-Weekly Visitation Programs

-Church Leadership

-Pulpit Supply 

-Fill in Preacher while church was looking for Pastor


-Youth Pastor (Teens)



We currently attend Immanuel Baptist Church in Clifton Forge, VA Pastor John Godfrey Jr. 


We are looking forward to using our experience in the ministry to help believers continue to move forward for Christ. 




Mike Clark  6/22/1973

Kellie Clark Wife 5/12/1973

Brandon Clark 4/15/1998 CURRENTLY AT PCC in Florida! Pray for Him. 

Abigail 2/18/08

Lyndsie 10/11/2010


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